Top 6 most common basic errors in cars and how to fix them

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Top 6 most common basic errors in cars. instructions on how to fix common minor problems in cars. How to maintain the car to operate most effectively

After a period of use, more or less cars are also susceptible to failure errors. Timely detection will help you fix quickly, avoid more damage. The following is Top 6 most common basic errors in cars

1) The battery is out of power

The battery is out of power is the most common error

The battery is out of powerNormally, batteries have a lifespan of about 3-5 years depending on the frequency of use and maintenance conditions. When the vehicle is circulated outside, under the heat of the environment (especially in Vietnam), the battery’s metabolism and energy generation take place faster, plus the installation of additional electrical equipment. Deaths and vehicles have to travel at short distances so they will have to turn on constantly, which will reduce battery life. A common sign when the battery is out of power is that the indicator light and the dashboard will not light when you turn on the ignition key. A weak battery will make it difficult to start the engine so you can only hear the “click” from the starter system.

Need to prepare a set of wires to prevent unexpected battery runs out

battery charger wire
battery charger wire

Solution: First, to catch this disease, you should periodically check the water level in the battery to replenish promptly. If the battery runs out of water, it will burn the plate and cannot recover. If by car, you run out of batteries, you need a set of fishing lines and other vehicles to assist.

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2) Gasoline pipeline leaked

The fuel lines from the fuel tank to the injector into the combustion chamber are divided into sections with different materials. Therefore, it is very likely that the fault of leaking joints in the segments will be. During use, these pipes can also be bitten by rats made of plastic, or the joints may shrink, causing large openings, causing fuel leaks and causing great waste.

Gasoline pipeline leaked
Gasoline pipeline leaked

How to catch the disease and fix: When this error, you will smell the car’s odor strongly (some high-end cars have fuel error lights when the pipe is open), the sooner you need to check it. the better. Because if you leave it for a long time will waste fuel and there is a risk of explosion due to electric shock.

3) Rubber feet hardened

Although this detail is about the size of a fist, but it is under a great pressure from the car. It is used to hold the entire weight of the vehicle engine and gearbox, and also subject to fluctuations when the car is cornering or bumping. Therefore, the problem of being hardened or broken rubber tripod is very common. The most obvious symptom of this car error is when the car enters the bump, or the driver will feel the force of force directly transmitted to the chassis causing the steering wheel to vibrate violently.

Rubber tripod
Rubber tripod

How to fix: You should periodically check to minimize the damage in the rubber parts of this tripod. As soon as small signs of shaking are detected, you need to go to a reputable service center for immediate replacement of parts.

4) Worn car tires

This is one of the most common diseases when traveling by car. When you travel about 19,000 – 24,000 km / year, tire flowers will wear out before the synthetic rubber layer is degraded. At that time, your car will not be able to grip the road anymore, and the tire will be thinner to increase the risk of tire explosion.

Used car tires
Used car tires

How to fix: Of course, when this error, the best solution is that you should quickly replace yourself with new tires to avoid over-wear, or aging aging synthetic rubber tires. It is dangerous for you and your loved ones to travel on the road.

5) Car belts are cracked

The main function of the belt is to drive other working parts such as generators, air conditioners, power steering pumps. In addition, the belt also serves as the driving function of the lift pump system in some high-end sports cars. Normally, you can identify the degradation of the belt through cracks in the rope. When the belt is out of date, it will often make a whistling sound, making it harder to start the engine. However, it is still possible that your belt will fail unexpectedly due to external factors such as a bite by a rat.

Car Engine Belts
Car Engine Belts

How to fix: If there is no unexpected damage as mentioned above, the belt should be changed periodically after about 80.00 – 100,000 km / time. In addition, you should also regularly check quickly whether the belt is cracked or any problem to promptly handle.

6) Car signal lights no longer glow

Car signal lights no longer glow is the fault that drives the least attention

For Xenon or Led bulbs, they will usually have a long life span so you don’t have to worry too much. However, for traditional incandescent bulbs, the ball life is only about 6-7 years depending on how you use.

Old car lamp
Old car lamp

Solution: In fact, the lights will often have a shorter life span if you have to go to the night often or have to run in bad roads. So you should check regularly and when there are signs such as irregular lights or low light, it should be replaced as quickly as possible to keep the circulation process safe.

Regularly checking top 6 most common basic errors in cars and how to fix them, I am sure your car will work stably. Good luck and drive safely

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