Guidance on testing and maintenance of car brakes

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testing and maintenance of car brakes. instructions on how to check the parts of the brakes, problems encountered when driving, the phenomenon of brake failure

Testing and maintenance of car brakes. Braking is one of the important parts and needs special care before you intend to go far, especially on winding roads, steep hills, in the most urgent situations. As a protection for the safety of you and the passengers in the car, so the inspection and maintenance of the brakes are essential knowledge for drivers, let Partcarshop find out.

Guidance on testing and maintenance of car brakes

1. Pay close attention to the brakes while driving

testing and maintenance of car brakes Observe the car's brakes
Observe the car’s brakes

In the process of moving on a car, drivers should pay close attention to whether the brakes are working well and this should form a habit because braking is a very important part. , taking on the task of protecting your life and the passengers in the car, pay attention to these points:

+) When driving, the brake feels like the car is shaking or the steering wheel is shaking, the car is telling you to quickly replace the brake disc or your brake disc has worked too much, causing the disc surface to be worn out and you need to have to rinse the surface of the plate.

+) Listen to what your brakes are having on the brakes, one of the signs is the metallic crack, which shows that your brakes are worn and can no longer be used. , please quickly change instead to lead to more serious damage

Simply put, when you step on the brake and do not receive the signal that the vehicle is stopping, you must press the brakes to the floor to work, this is a sign that the brakes are lacking in brake fluid or brake fluid. enough but leaking out. This is an important note in this testing and maintenance of car brakes

2. Check the brake fluid

testing and maintenance of car brakes - Check the brake fluid
Check the brake fluid

When you have time to spare or prepare for a long trip, in addition to preparing clothes and personal items, you also need to take care of your pet driver.

Open the cap to see if the braking fluid is fully stored, otherwise it can be refilled, normally the oil containers will be designed so you can easily observe and check. controlling the oil inside, this won’t take much of your time.

If the oil or oil is missing, adding oil is necessary, but when it is not too long, the oil is seen too quickly, indicating that the oil is leaked outside through the oil pipe. of the brakes

To be able to check whether the oil is clean or not and if you need to change it, you should look at the color of the oil, usually the new oil will be translucent and the dirtier the oil will turn to dark black, save When changing the oil, you should wipe the bottle before filling, avoid dust and dirt inside, affecting the car.

3. Check the brake oil pipe under the vehicle

Check the brake fluid pipe
Check the brake fluid pipe

This will usually be done by the maintenance staff because it takes the lift of the car to make the inspection easy, but Carking still mentioned here so you can better understand your beloved car.

Usually the metal pipe will run along the vehicle’s wheelbase, so it is necessary to check all at the same time.In addition, when checking the metal conduit, you need to check the rubber pipe. Oil to the “Oil Tank”, for pipes with soft material you need to check for any cracks or rough because this is an indication that the path is going to be problematic.

4) Check the brakes by removing the wheels

testing and maintenance of car brakes - Check the brake disc
Check the brake disc

If experienced and free, you should remove the wheel to check whether your brakes are still guaranteed, you can see if the brakes are scratched or not and the wear and tear of the disc brakes. are at any level, need to change or not.

Typically, the brake is scratched by sand, dirt or rock between the brake pads and the brake disc causing scratches and if you feel the brake disc surface is too much, you should send it to the maintenance department to rinse the face. brake discs or can be replaced if necessary.

The brake system is one of the active parts that can be said to be throughout every time you start the car, the more activity on the road will cause the soil to cling to the inside causing the disc surface to be worn and deformed. Now you need the garage to replace a new brake disc

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