Signs identify the engine of the car faulty

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Engine of the car faulty. how to handle incidents in each situation

Engine of the car faulty? After running for a while, suddenly one day you start and step on the brake but the car is still not sluggish as usual, this shows that your engine is in trouble, you need to check again first. When the car continues to roll

The signs that identify the engine of the car have encountered an error

1. Accelerate but the engine is not responding

Speed up the car
Speed up the car

One of the most obvious signs that you can feel from your driver is throttle but the car still sluggish not responding as strongly as when you just bought a car that makes you have to squeeze your foot. Throttle into the floor to accelerate.

If your vehicle is also in the situation, the first thing to do is to check whether the nozzle is leaking or the air filter is clogged.

2. The steering wheel shakes when starting

The car steering wheel is shaking
The car steering wheel is shaking

If you start the car without moving but the steering wheel is shaking violently, then it proves that your vehicle is having trouble with the engine, causing the body and the steering wheel to vibrate, in addition to the vibration of the steering wheel, the engine sound The car at start-up is abnormal, you should quickly check it before it is more damaged.

The cause of this situation is because the Spark plug is not working properly, the ratio of air and gasoline in the vehicle mixture is not equal.

3. The engine is excessively hot

Car engine is overheating
Car engine is overheating

The most common culprit for the engine to overheat is the car engine cooling system. This solution is cooled by circulating throughout the engine during vehicle operation. If it leaks somewhere in the system, it is possible that some or all of the coolant disappears, the engine will become very hot. If you travel in cold weather, the wind system flows through the engine compartment to help you luck to go a certain distance. engine of the car faulty

Sometimes, the engine overheat does not come from the cooling system, but may be from the engine oil. Engine oil has a lubricating effect, and if it is lost during operation, the friction inside the engine will increase, resulting in an engine hotter than usual. This is easily overcome by checking the engine oil regularly, especially with old engine engines.

If you find that your car is showing signs of warming up, even though it has only been moving for a long time, you need to check carefully whether the used lubricant is suitable for the engine of the vehicle you are using, whether the coolant is damaged. serious loss or leakage, .. this should be done quickly to avoid the details in the engine compartment will be seriously damaged blocking the cooling pipe making your car hotter.

4. Emission

Car exhaust too much
Car exhaust too much

If you look closely, the exhaust is also one of the parts that help you control the situation inside the engine compartment, for example if you see the fire coming out of the exhaust exhaust means your vehicle is not If the health care provider needs immediate care, the spark emanating from the exhaust is due to the ineffective spark plug operation, the material is not burnt out. engine of the car faulty

In addition to the damage inside the exhaust sensor system, electricity and the engine will also cause the situation of the harmonic ratio.

The ignition from the exhaust can also be caused by the spark plug covered by a layer of coal dust from previous ignitions or from engine oil entering the combustion chamber, but there is an even more serious thing than that. If you detect this, you need to get your car serviced immediately to avoid damage to other details.

5. Climbing sluggishly

Climbing cars
Climbing cars

The fact that a car is showing signs of weakness will show clearly when you climb the slope, the daily slope you often pass easily but suddenly one day, even when you were stepping on the accelerator, the car still climbed hard. It indicates that your vehicle is showing “old” signs.

The reason for the sluggish ride of your vehicle comes from the fuel unit, particularly the dirt filter will retain 1/1000 inch dirt and when holding too much sediment will lead to congestion. then the pump will lack and the fuel will need to work harder to make up for the missing fuel, when you climb the fuel will be more lacking than when traveling on a flat road. The car engine is flat so it will lack the power to easily cross the slope.

6. Notice the Check Engine light

Check Engine lights for cars
Check Engine lights for cars

Currently, technology is much more developed than in the past, so detecting engine damage is relatively easy just to take a little look. All the sensors inside the Capo lid are installed with sensors and when these components fail, the system will automatically notify you through the control clock.

If you are driving a car and see the Check Engine light is on, you should go home and open the cap to check the systems with sensors such as oxygen sensors, spark plugs, exhaust filters to see if there is a problem is not.

If there is no problem, keep checking the carbon exhaust to see if there is any damage, peeling, cracking or opening because the air vent is open and the wind will spill into the combustion chamber, causing turbulence. the engine is “suffocated”, leading to a difficult situation in which the vehicle is not moving smoothly.

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