Audi tts body kit Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Spoiler Lip Wing For Audi TT TTS 08-14 Big Sale !

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Audi tts body kit Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Spoiler Lip Wing For Audi TT TTS 08-14

Audi tts body kit : Made from carbon fiber to bring durability and lightness to the product. The aesthetics attracts every look that makes a difference from other cars on the road. Moreover, the product provides aerodynamic safety when the car is traveling at high speed.

Why should you equip the rear wing for Audi tts body kit ?

6 benefits of wings on cars not everyone knows

Although the spoiler is only a small detail compared to the overall vehicle, it is also considered a development step in the study of automobile aerodynamics. Is this equipment really necessary? Here are the benefits of wing when installing cars.

– Wind vane helps maintain traction

The main benefit of installing a car spoiler is to help the vehicle maintain traction at very high speeds. Typically, when a car is moving fast (over 112km / h), air pressure can affect lifting the car. This can be dangerous because it drives the vehicle out of control while on the move.

The Audi tts body kit rear spoiler can increase the downward force of the vehicle, thereby helping the tire to grip the road better and increase stability.

Audi tts body kit
Audi tts body kit

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– Helps the brakes more stable

In addition to helping to increase downward force, increase traction, the wing also significantly improves the braking ability of the vehicle, even when you are running at high speed.

A car equipped with a wing will bring safety, efficient use of the car is much higher for each person.

– Enhance visibility

The rear wing of the vehicle is also useful in increasing visibility. Other cars can see your vehicle through the wind vane. This is also an important factor to help minimize the collisions and unfortunate accidents that may occur.

Moreover, some types of wing also have brake lights to fit the driver’s eyes so that the driver of the rear side can quickly be alerted when the vehicle ahead slows down or brake suddenly.

Audi tts body kit Carbon Fiber Lip Wing
Audi tts body kit Carbon Fiber Lip Wing

– Helps reduce vehicle weight

For a car, weight is an important determinant of vehicle stability. A vehicle with a heavy weight will hold more stability than the car is too light.

Cars using wind vane made of light material can help drivers feel secure when running at high speed without worrying about unstable vehicles, prone to collisions, especially when running on the road. Highway.

– Create fashion styles for cars

Many people retrofit their vehicles with a spoiler and treat it as a car accessory, making it more stylish. And in fact, the cars use a different style and style of wings.
There are many different spoiler equipment you can choose to assert your style and personality through the beloved driver you use every day.

Audi tts body kit Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Spoiler
Audi tts body kit Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Spoiler

– Support fuel economy

In some cars, using the front spoiler is also a way to save fuel effectively.
These wind-edge devices are able to minimize the vehicle’s braking force by pushing the airflow around the vehicle, thereby significantly reducing the amount of fuel needed to enable the vehicle to operate normally.

Featured function of  Audi tts body kit

Introduction of carbon fiber

Carbon finer is an extremely strong and light fiber-reinforced polymer which contains carbon fibers.

The polymer is most often epoxy,The strongest and most expensive of these additives, carbon nanotubes, are contained in some primarily polymer baseball bats, car parts and even golf clubs where economically viable.

The “carbon fiber” material is just a piece of cloth. You can’t make any shape out of it without some kind of support. We use fiberglass backing to construct the skeleton.

Audi tts body kit Carbon Fiber
Audi tts body kit Carbon Fiber


1.Carbon fiber spoiler

2.Carbon rear wing. auto trunk spoiler for TT

3.Superior quality,competitive price

4. Easy installation with existing fitting hole, no drilling

5.100% Fitment Guarantee

6.All of our products are gel-coated and highly inspected before shipping

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audi tt body kit

audi tt body kit
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